Mrs. Traci

Traci was born and raised in Southern California where she studied dance for many years and received scholarships to several elite dance schools in Orange County. She studied under many well-know choreographers and instructors and was selected to be part of a professional touring company, which she performed with for two years. She started up many non-profit dance organizations connecting teen youths with younger school-aged children emphasized a mentorship program through dance and movement. These groups would then perform for community events such as benefits, fundraisers, silent auctions, nursing homes and fairs. She earned her Associated degree in dance, bachelors of science in child and adolescent development and her Masters Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in research methodology. She worked with several non-profit organizations assisting the betterment of our youth including research for Head Start and the Center for Collaboration for Children. She also taught over 10 years at several colleges throughout the country, specializing in classes such as child development, social problems, marriage and family and more. She teaches dance in all genres and is the lead choreographer for the TPS competition team. Her work has received numerous awards including “dare to be different”, “white diamond”, technique, age-appropriateness, innovation and her work has been selected as a choreography winner where the piece was invited to perform at Nationals during the Choreography review. Her dancers have been invited to numerous dance companies based on technique and performance and have placed in the overalls countless times. Her students also won overall first place adult dancer and child dancer at the ARTS showcase in Orlando Florida. Personally, Mrs. Traci resides in Richland Michigan with her husband of 20 years and has three awesome kids (Tyler (21), Emma (13) and Madeline (12).

Mrs. Shannon

Shannon was born and raised in Southern California where she began her dancing career at the early age of 3.  She studied and performed well throughout her adulthood and began teaching with TPS the last several years in all genres of dance. Shannon specializes in body kinesthetics, having her certificate in massage therapy. Personally, Mrs. Shannon resides in Comstock Michigan and has a husband and two beautiful children (Micah who is 5 and Naevia who just turned 1). Shannon teaches many classes at Traci Phelps Studios and also choreographs for our award-winning competition team. She has earned several awards for her competition numbers such as stylization and technique.