General Information

Welcome to the Traci Phelps Studios Dance Program!


Why Choose TPS:

  • Our studio owner has a B.S in Child and Adolescent Development and a M.A in Sociology with an emphasis in childhood resilience. Our program not only focuses on the dancer, but the cognitive, social, mental and physical well-being of the dancer.
  • Our instructors are award-winning choreographers. 
  • We are Dance Teacher University (DTU) certified through Dance Teacher Web and University of Las Vegas, Nevada (highest level of certification possible). 
  • Proper technical training utilizing encouragement, correction as well as continual individual feedback. We also work with the individual’s abilities and bodies and mold choreography to individuals while also continually challenging them to try things outside of their natural skills.
  • Age appropriate choreography and costuming! We also pride ourselves in selecting pieces each year that involve current or historical social issues or awareness pieces which encourages the dancers to grow not only technically, but emotionally and socially as well.
  • We encourage all dancers to be wonderful teammates through activities and exercises that promote bonding and support. 


Duration Of The Program

All classes will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September and concluding the first week of June with our annual spring recital.



Attendance is important!! We understand that families are very busy and sicknesses, vacations and the like do arise. However, it is important that dancers who are participating in the program are committed to being at class during the majority of class sessions. First, it is important that all students feel comfortable with dance material and attendance allows them this opportunity. Second, excessive absences hinder the group as a whole. Third, attendance is important to the instructor when planning the curriculum and choreography. If an absence is necessary, please contact the instructor ahead of time through email or phone. If excessive absences occur, the instructor has the right to decline the dancers participation in the end of the year recital if it is hindering the group.


Tuition Structure

 This structure makes the paying process less complicated on your end as well as ours and it also saves money for families who have multiple children enrolled or who take many classes per year. The tuition structure does not apply to competition classes or rehearsals                                                   

(See Competitions fee information under the competition link).

Tuition Prices


If the Gull Lake Schools are closed all day due to weather conditions, Traci Phelps Studios will only be closed in the Morning.  Classes will be held as scheduled unless the weather conditions worsen throughout the day.  In that event , you will be contacted via email (also posted on Facebook) if the studio will be closed.   

There will be no regular dance classes on Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas break or Gull Lake Spring Break.  Vacations taken at time other than the above times do not excuse payment for classes.  Classes may be made up. 


Although the recital is not until June, it takes most reputable costume companies several months to process and ship costuming. For this reason, we will be measuring dancers in September and collecting costume payments in November.

1) We order our costumes through a reputable dance costume company “A wish come true”. The quality of costume for the price is outstanding and we are comfortable with their sizing styles.           

2) Costumes can be pricey (and some dancers will be performing in several routines). In order to minimize costs, I order in November.